Pre-Fall 2020

pre-fall 2020 cover

Honestly the last two seasons I wasn't so impressed with the catwalks generally. But during December when the Pre-Fall 2020 shows and lookbooks started I really watch them with big interest. So here there are some of my favorites:

Max Mara

00001_max_mara_pre_fall_20 00006_max_mara_pre_fall_20 00007_max_mara_pre_fall_20 00009_max_mara_pre_fall_20 00020_max_mara_pre_fall_20 00022_max_mara_pre_fall_20 00024_max_mara_pre_fall_20 00025_max_mara_pre_fall_20 00029_max_mara_pre_fall_20

Photos by Vogue


00067_balmain_pre_fall_2020 00063_balmain_pre_fall_2020 00058_balmain_pre_fall_2020 00044_balmain_pre_fall_2020 00037_balmain_pre_fall_2020 00021_balmain_pre_fall_2020 00018_balmain_pre_fall_2020 00008_balmain_pre_fall_2020 00007_balmain_pre_fall_2020 00004_balmain_pre_fall_2020 00002_balmain_pre_fall_2020

Photos by Vogue


_dan0645 _dan0543 _dan0407 _dan0364 _dan0232 _dan0210 _dan0188 _dan0161 _dan0101 _dan0056 _dan0025

Photos by Vogue


00073-moschino-pre-fall_2020-_sdr1767 00052-moschino-pre-fall_2020-_sdr1417 00051-moschino-pre-fall_2020-_sdr1395 00047-moschino-pre-fall_2020-_sdr1139 00046-moschino-pre-fall_2020-_sdr1126 00033-moschino-pre-fall_2020-_sdr0804 00031-moschino-pre-fall_2020-_sdr0745 00023-moschino-pre-fall_2020-_sdr0519 00021-moschino-pre-fall_2020-_sdr0477 00018-moschino-pre-fall_2020-_sdr2360 00011-moschino-pre-fall_2020-_sdr0253 00006-moschino-pre-fall_2020-_sdr0155

Photos by Vogue

Let's hope that rest designers are coming even more creative. 

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